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Latest Results

Wildcats 18-30 Vikings
Wildcats Trys: Tom Johnstone, Matt Ryan, Dean Collis,
Vikings Trys: Rhys Hanbury, Stefan Marsh 3, Jack Owens, Lloyd White,
Catalans 58-16 Warriors
Catalans Trys: Fouad Yaha 2, Tony Gigot 3, Zeb Taia 3, Michael Oldfield, Morgan Escare,
Warriors Trys: Josh Charnley, Dan Sarginson, Joe Burgess,
Hull 10-17 Saints
Hull Trys: Leon Pryce, Jordan Abdull,
Saints Trys: Shannon McDonnell, Tommy Makinson,
Rhinos 36-16 Rovers
Rhinos Trys: Stevie Ward, Mitch Achurch, Ryan Hall 2, Brad Singleton, Kevin Sinfield,
Rovers Trys: Kieran Dixon 2, Ben Cockayne, Josh Mantellato,
Red Devils 18-34 Wolves
Red Devils Trys: Cory Paterson, Junior Sa'u, Niall Evalds,
Wolves Trys: Ben Currie, Gene Ormsby 3, Stefan Ratchford, Brad Dwyer,
Tigers 16-24 Giants
Tigers Trys: Jake Webster, Ben Roberts, Michael Shenton,
Giants Trys: Craig Huby, Aaron Murphy, Ukuma Ta'ai, Eorl Crabtree,

Top Performers

  Position Price Points
Adam Cuthbertson P 140k 1160
Elliott Whitehead SR 160k 1033
James Roby H 170k 1015
Stevie Ward SR 120k 1013
Danny Houghton H 170k 1002
Jamie Peacock P 170k 963
Paul Aiton H 120k 952