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Latest Results

Saints 14-6 Warriors
Saints Trys: Sia Soliola, Tom Makinson,
Warriors Trys: Joe Burgess,
Warriors 16-12 Wolves
Warriors Trys: Joel Tomkins, Anthony Gelling, Joe Burgess,
Wolves Trys: Joel Monaghan, Gareth O'Brien,
Saints 30-12 Catalans
Saints Trys: Jordan Turner, Adam Swift, Willie Manu, Mose Masoe, Mark Percival,
Catalans Trys: Morgan Escare, Michael Oldfield,
Giants 16-18 Catalans
Giants Trys: Jodie Broughton, Aaron Murphy, Luke Robinson,
Catalans Trys: Daryl Millard, Michael Oldfield, Ben Pomeroy,
Tigers 14-30 Wolves
Tigers Trys: Jamie Ellis, Luke Dorn, Michael Shenton,
Wolves Trys: Ryan Atkins, Joel Monaghan 2, Gareth O'Brien, Rhys Evans,
Wolves 22-19 Vikings
Wolves Trys: Joel Monaghan 3, Rhys Evans,
Vikings Trys: Paddy Flynn 2, Rhys Hanbury,

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